Our specialists will obtain for you a compensation up to 600 euros for delayed or canceled flights.

In case of delayed or canceled flights, APRA will get you a compensation from the airline up to 600 euro. APRA takes a reward from the final compensation to cover some expenses.

Contact us and APRA will complimentarily find out what is the compensation that you are entitled to receive.
Four simple steps to get your rightful compensation:

Krok 1

1. Fill in our form for free

Choose your case from the above section and fill in the specific assigned form. Completing and submitting this form is without any cost or commitment.

Krok 2

2. APRA will calculate your rightful compensation

This takes place within 24h from your form submission in step 1.

Krok 3

3. Your delegation for APRA to conduct accordingly on your behalf is required

You’ll receive the calculated compensation form with the terms and conditions to which you must agree upon so APRA can work on your behalf.

Krok 4

4. Without any worries APRA will file your rights for your compensation.

Here you’ll be kindly asked to wait until our organization obtains your right to claim your compensation.