Our services in obtaining your compensation are free of charge, in return APRA deducts a percentage from the final compensation.


APRA works with our clients with utmost professionalism where no registration, administration, or any hidden costs are found.

It is very simple:

1. APRA will do everything required in terms of administration and legality.
2. Once your compensation is acknowledged, APRA deducts the commission of 25% before handing it over to you.

For Example:

You reserved a return ticket from Vienna to New York for 650 euro. Your flight due to the failure of the plane was delayed by 5 hours. Under the regulation of (ES) 261/2004 you are entitled to receive a compensation of 600 euro.

APRA will take care of everything, prepare all the documents, and obtain your compensation of 600 euro. In return, APRA will deduct a compensation fee of 25% from the 600 euro, and the rest will be sent to your designated account. If we will not obtain your compensation, you are not going to be paying for anything. Our services are free of charge.

Send us your information about your case and APRA will provide you with up-to-date information about what your rightful compensation. Contact us here.