About us

Was your flight delayed or cancelled? Was your boarding refused? Were you downgraded to a lower flight class? APRA will help you to obtain compensation up to 600 euros.

Our organization specializes in passenger rights and has a duty to protect the rightful passengers who were mishandled by airlines according to the laws within aviation. Our services target passengers who had issues relating to mainly areas such as flights being delayed or cancelled, redirected flights or missing a connecting flight, being refused boarding or even being downgraded to a lower flight class. APRA also works with lost, damaged, or delayed baggage.

It is very overwhelming for a passenger to prove that an airline is responsible for whatever costs the passenger might have incurred as a result of the airline’s actions. It is also very time consuming for a passenger to obtain a compensation for their loss. This is why you have APRA, for being there for you and having your rights heard as a passenger where our organization handles the complicated situation in obtaining your rightful compensation for the loss that you have been exposed to by the airline.

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